17th – 21st September

The leaders of the council governing Souran, a town in rebel-controlled Syria, decided to hold an impromptu meeting to explain the workings of the government set up to replace the Baath Party and the security officials who ran the region with an iron fist under President Bashar al-Assad’s rule.

Iranian state television reported  that the government of Tehran has deployed one of its Russian-made submarines in the Persian Gulf, days after the US and more than two dozen allies began naval exercises nearby.

The latest incidents of the U.S. embassy in Tunis revived more the controversy over the possibility of a national unity government in Tunisia. In addition, on 23rd October 2012 will expire the moral commitment made ​​by the quasi-majority of political parties in the Assembly, including Ennahda, to complete the drafting of the Constitution.

France will prepare for the worst? After the publication of the caricatures of Mohammed by Charlie Hebdo, the French government has taken new security measures around its foreign representations, in a context of tension caused by an islamophobe film.

Western intelligence report indicates Iran has been using civilian aircraft to fly military personnel and large quantities of weapons across Iraqi airspace to Syria, to aid President Bashar Assad in his attempt to crush an 18-month uprising against his government.