8th – 15th November

As in the rest of the world, the Arabic medias, in the previous days of American elections, are largely dealing with their possible results and their international consequences. Without wanting to belittle the US political, economic and military influence in Middle-East situation, Salam Al-Kawakibi underlines that the economic crisis forces American government to turn its attentions towards domestic policy. Besides, critics about the external influences have always had the consequence to distract the attention from the local and regional responsibilities. The solution to the Syrian tragedy can only come from inside strengths of society, from the awareness of the necessity of a common action.


Woman rights is a central subject on the constitutional debate and on Egyptian political contention. The controversy about the drawing and interpretation of article 68 is not concluded yet. Despite the feminine members of the Muslim Brotherhood have had a central role during the election campaign, they are not allowed to vote or be candidate for elections within the group. It announces the risk that the political competition with Salafists pushes the Muslim Brotherhood towards more conservative positions.


The high levels of industrial contamination in Algeria could cause an ecological catastrophe, as declared a recent study of the ANPEP . Abdelkader Kacher explains that the principal cause of this situation has been the constant polluting industries relocation from northern countries to  southern countries. Despite Algeria is part in several international and regional treaties about the dangerous substances management, we can note the discrepancy between universally principles and their real practical application.


Next November 29, the General Assembly of the U.N. will decide whether to approve the application of the Palestinian national authority to be accredited as “non member” state. In front of such eventuality and by fear that this new condition allows Palestine to bring Israel to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes, the Israeli authority reacted by threatening of new types of economic retaliations, among others the deduction of around $100 million per month in taxes and  customs duties which Israel collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority. Nevertheless, according to Muhammad Shtayyeh, senior Fatah official, these intimidations would be empty threat considering the economic advantages that Israel draws from the maintenance of a Palestinian authority.


The Israeli attack on Gaza, that has caused yesterday the death of Hamas military head Ahmed al Jabari, would be only « the beginning of an ampler operation » against Hamas, called Pillar of Defense, that would have the purpose to strike  Gaza militiamen. The answer of Hamas is not long in coming and today same the Palestinian militiamen have started over striking with rockets the principal cities in the South of Israel. As requested by Abu Mazen, Foreign Affairs Ministers of the League of Arab States will meet Saturday to discuss the situation. Meanwhile the United States have declared their solidarity to Israel confirming its support of  Jewish State self-defense right, while the UNSC extraordinary meeting called on Egypt request is concluded without a formal declaration.