By Baudouin Loos, appeared in Le Soir on September 6th, 2012

From the habituation to the indifference, there is only a step. Would the decision-makers and the public opinions have crossed it in West as regards the drama which takes place in Syria for one year and a half?

Syria does not indeed hit the headlines any more of the current events, while the conflict remains, on the ground, of the highest intensity, as attests the always heavy balance of  victim every day, even if the precision of amount cannot be verified.

The responsibilities of the of Bachar el-Assad regime are crushing. He disputes hardly than his reaction to the protest movements which developed in 2011 in a way almost always peaceful consisted, from the beginning, in considering that only a wild repression would get overcome it. Some promises of reforms, they were superficial, were not even followed by effect.

The militarization of a more and more important part of the opponents was then impose in a inexorable way in response to tortures, detentions, murders then, in the last period, to bombardments of whole districts and to the massacres of civilians …

Most of the insurgents, by now, make understand to whom wants understand them that any idea of negotiations with this regime, with this monstrous dictator and murderer, has no more sense. Besides, Bachar el-Assad has not slightest intention to negotiate with those whom he calls since April, 2011 as « terrorists ». It is enough to say if the task of Lakhdar Brahimi, the Algerian diplomat who succeeded Kofi Annan as mediator, is similar to a mission already impossible.

For one year at least, the Westerners are paralyzed by the perspective to lavish to the insurgents a help which could fall in extremists’ hands, way Al-Qaïda. Since then, these arrived well in Syria!

And every week which passes, with the gradual increase of the frustration of the rebels to the slowness of the West, it is to be afraid that this sphere of influence – for the moment always ultramember of a minority party, according to the journalists and the observers returned from there – increases its influence in a drastic way in Syria.

Recent reports of sober American weekly The Nation and the daily paper Le Monde have still shown it: the insurgents are lacking weapons cruelly (while Russia continues to help the regime). Is the immovable posture adopted by the West still tolerable?