Meeting with Malika Hamidi and Zahra Ali to discuss the book « Féminismes islamiques »

Meeting with Malika Hamidi and Zahra Ali to discuss the book « Féminismes islamiques »

saturday 23th March from 19.00 to 22.00 (Rue du Chevreuil, 4 – Bruxelles)

Islamic feminism is a rising current of political activism in Europe, North Africa, and Asia, and a force for changing the image of Islam. The book explores the muslim feminism in the post-colonial context; it aims at shaping and analysing in details muslim feminism with particular focus on and case studies from Europe.

The powers of conventional Islam, and western media preconceptions, both have their own reasons for ignoring the phenomenon of strongly Muslim, very activist women who claim that complete equality for women both in private life and in public, and a host of other radical reforms, can be read in true Islamic scholarship.

Zahra Ali et Malika Hamidi

Malika Hamidi is a Ph D candidate in Sociology at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), Paris. In 2004, Her Master’s research Thesis focuses on the concept of Islamic feminism and the rise of a Muslim feminist movement in France (2006). Malika Hamidi coordinate the European Muslim Network.
Zahra Ali is a PhD candidate in sociology at EHESS. She is pecialized in Islamic studies and gender studies. Her research focuses on the emergence of a Muslim Feminist dynamic occuring in the West and the Muslim world. She works on the women movement in the Arab World, especially in Iraq where she started her research in 2010.