6th April- 12th April

Tamam Salam is been nominated to become Lebanon’s next prime minister. His nomination was announced by the president’s office after he was backed by parties across the political spectrum, including Hezbollah, an ally of Tehran and Damascus.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has condemned the violence against Copts in front of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo and ordered an investigation on the clashes that left one dead.

Operations to help Syrian refugees have reached a breaking point due to lack of sufficient funding, warned in Geneva the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Even the momentum experienced by a ruling monarchy that is over one thousand years old can be hampered by the intransigence of a looming regional crisis. Since the beginning of a Moroccan social movement on February 20, 2011, mass reforms have been advocated for on a regular basis, most of which are directed towards the administration’s mismanagement of the economy.

Syrian opposition leaders renew appeals for lethal aid as foreign ministers of Group of Eight nations meet in London.