Call for participation in “DAWRAK-Exchange Facility”

Anna Lindh Foundation has launched a new call for participation in “DAWARAK-Exchange Facility”, which offers members of civil society organisations (CSOs) an opportunity to travel to a counterpart organisation in other Euro Mediterranean country for exchange of experience and knowledge and learning by doing in the host organisation. The progamme intends in its third round to grant a travel opportunity to about 50 actors from the CSOs, ten of them will be journalists who will participate through the new modality for journalists training “Reporters Across Cultures” whose godfather is Andre Azoulay, the president of Anna Lindh Foundation. The submission of applications is now open in Arabic, English and French from the 26th of June till the 18th of October through DAWRAK website (www.dawrak.org).

For more info about the call and for application click here

Deadline: 18th of October