17th-23rd August

Pourquoi plus personne (ou presque) ne soutient les Frères musulmans?–  20/08/2013Jolpress.com

Since one month, the international voices have been trailed off to defend President Mursi’s democratic legitimacy, after his fall on the 3th of July. What about today, now that the Muslim Brotherhood has been under attack by the army in the streets of Cairo? Barah Mikail, Research Director at the think tank Fride will give answers.

Révolution et contre-révolution sont sur un bateau…–  21/08/2013Steur Blog

The Muslim Brotherhood has won the elections in 2012 by providing contradictory promises to the revolutionaries and the counter-revolutionaries. Once in power, the contradictions of this strategy brought them to their eradication, reviving to their expenses the revolution and the counter-revolution at the same time, united in the aim to chase them from power.

Comment le Qatar et l’Arabie saoudite s’affrontent en Égypte21/08/2013Le Point

We can understand better now why the United States and the European Union are experiencing difficulty in sanctioning the new Egyptian government, after the bloody repression of the pro-Morsi demonstrators which has killed almost one thousand people in one week. Their greatest ally in the region, Saudi Arabia, is exercising all its influence to protect the Egyptian army.

Militaires et islamistes ramènent les Egyptiens soixante ans en arrière22/08/2013Le Monde

What is particularly devastating about the tragedy that is sinking Egypt, is not the mosques turned in morgues, nor the machine-gunned women and children, nor the wounded murdered in their hospital beds. The most frightening issue is not the devastated roads, nor the burned churches and neither the hate propaganda poured by the media. No, the most horrifying thing is the military and the islamists are bringing Egypt back by 60 years.

Ce que changerait (ou non) un accord de paix entre Israël et la Palestine 21/08/2013Le Monde

After Annapolis, Charm El-Cheikh or Taba yesterday, today Jerusalem and Jericho. Twenty years after the signing of the Oslo agreement, Israel and the Palestinian Authority are meeting for the tenth time starting on the 14th of August, to try negotiating an end to the conflict that is lasting since the creation of the Jewish State in 1948. Two new preparatory meetings have been held this Tuesday in Jerusalem, while next week more in-depth discussions will take place in Jericho.