13th-20th September

L’autre visage de l’Iran -19/09/2013- Le point.fr

Since the election of the « moderate » president Hassan Rohani , the islamic republic multipies the opening gestures . Cunningness or a real turning point ?

« Forget the dreadful Ahmadinejad and make place for the gentle Rohani

It is the message that the Islamic republic wishes to transmit to the West from last june and the presidential election of their ‘gentle mollah ‘ , which in contrast of his ultra-conservative predecessor , The massive victory of Hassan Rohani since the first round doesn’t suffer from any contestating . «  this time the regime proved that it can not crush the people’s aspiration as in the case of 2009 » said François Nicoullaud , Former France embassador in Iran in Point.fr

Bahrain Opposition Pulls Out Of Dialogue With Government-19/09/2013- Al-Monitor

In light of the Bahraini authorities’ recently adopted escalatory security methods, the country’s political opposition announced yesterday [Sept. 18] that they are indefinitely suspending their participation in the national dialogue, saying that this decision will be subject to continuous review in light of the political and security developments in the country.

Egyptian security forces storm Kerdasa to expel pro-Morsi militants from tourist town-19/09/2013- The Independent 

Egyptian security forces backed by armoured vehicles and helicopters stormed a tourist town near the Great Pyramids today. The raid was part of a renewed campaign by the military-backed government to put down armed Islamist supporters of the ousted president, Mohammed Morsi.

Zeven vragen over de voortdurende ‘oorlog tegen Syrië‘-19/09/2013-Dewereldmorgen

The attack with chemical weapons on August 21 in Damascus brought the Syrian conflict back on the political agenda. There was wordwide outrage on this attack with non-conventional weapons that made an estimated 1400 victims. Moreover, the United States and Russia were on a collision course. While the U.S. lay the blame on the Assad-regime, that exceeded a ‘red line’, Russia keeps supporting its ally.

Divisions Emerge Among Syrian Kurdish Groups-19/09/2013- Al-Monitor

The leader of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), Salih Muslim, told Al-Hayat on Sept. 18 that he is willing to cooperate with the interim government of the Syrian opposition that Ahmad Tohme is working to form. Moreover, he said that he is not concerned with the agreement signed between the Syrian National Coalition and the Kurdish National Council (KNC) and that he is « not bound by it or responsible for its actual repercussions.”