27th September- 4th October

A Syrian solution to civil conflict? The Free Syrian Army is holding talks with Assad’s senior staff 30/09/2013The Independent

Six weeks ago, a two-man delegation arrived in secret in Damascus: civilians from Aleppo who represented elements of the Free Syrian Army, the rebel group largely composed of fighters who deserted the regime’s army in the first year of the war.

Het lang beloofde hervormingspakket van Erdogan3/10/2013Mo*

The Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan announced reforms on Monday, September 3th, which according to him are very beneficial to the Turkish democracy. This package of reforms is primarily designed to meet the requirements of the Kurds, but also relates to religious freedom in Turkey.

Hezbollah and Rouhani –3/10/2013Al-Monitor

Hezbollah leaders are convinced that no matter who the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran is, it will not change Tehran’s position in principle vis-à-vis the party. Moreover, their analysis rejects all speculation that a reformist president in Tehran will lead to less support for Hezbollah.

Italy boat wreck: Hundreds of migrants feared dead after ship sinks off Lampedusa4/10/2013The Independent

The forgotten tragedy of African migrants who pay with their lives for the desire to reach Europe became a human drama the world could no longer ignore, as hundreds perished in a matter of hours off the Italian coast.

Palestinians win settlement land from Israel3/10/2013Aljazeera

Palestinian farmers have reclaimed lands they had lost decades earlier to an Israeli settlement; in a rare legal victory their lawyer says is proof that Israel’s settlement policy is reversible.