14th to the 18th October

Lebanon has cause for shame in its treatment of Syrian refugees The independent 14/10/2013

I stopped to buy walnuts in Sidon last week from a sunburned man sitting on the pavement of the old souk. Like the walnuts – soft, almost creamy inside their iron-hard husks – he came from the Syrian town of Bloudan.

Iran’s New Nuclear Proposal – AlMonitor 17/10/2013

Iran has put forward a new proposal to resolve the nuclear crisis that includes a freeze on production of 20% enriched uranium, a pledge to convert its stockpile to fuel rods and an agreement to relinquish spent fuel for a still-to-be completed heavy water reactor, according to an Iranian source who has proven reliable in the past.

Turkey’s Islamic Liberals – AlMonitor 17/10/2013

With the “democratization package” that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Sept. 30, Turkey’s observant, conservative women have gained the right to wear head scarves to work in state institutions. This means that such women, banned from the public space for almost a century, since Atatürk’s authoritarian cultural revolution, will now be able work in public sector jobs, such as teaching. For decades, Turkish secularists, as zealous defenders of a zealous from of laïcité — French-style secularism — have always feared and argued that covered heads automatically turn into closed minds. Does this latest development mean that Turkish society will become increasingly close-minded?

Palestijnse bedoeïenen: vergeten en verjaagd Mo* 17/10/2013

Palestine, 17th of October 2013 (StampMedia.be)- The Bedouin village Makhoul on the West Bank was completely destroyed on September 16th 2013. Following this events a few EU-diplomats visited the village on the 20th of September. An incident with the Israeli army came hence extensively in the media. Not a word about the Bedouins.

Saoedi-Arabië weigert zetel in Veiligheidsraad Standaard 18/10/2013

Saoudi Arabia has refused on Friday to participate in the Security Council of the United Nations. The country dismisses the temporary membership because the Council is not capable to prevent wars and resolve conflicts, according to the news agency Reuters.