18 th to the 25th of october

EU hervat onderhandelingen over toetreding Turkije– 21/10/2013– Knack

The European Union and Turkey are going to deliberate again about Turkey’s accession to the EU. De EU-memberstates want a new round of consultations with the country in early November.

Tunisie : la crise politique tourne au chaos– 24/10/2013– Le Monde

Who wants chaos in Tunisia ? Which company or network is trying to destabilize the country? This question comes to the lips of everyone after six agents of the national guard were killed Wednesday 23rd October. The agents were shot while they were investigating on a house suspected to be home to an armed group in Sidi Ali Ben Aoun, near Sidi Bouzid, the birthplace of the Tunisian revolution.

Versterken van grenscontroles is een zwaktebod-24/10/2013– De Morgen

What remains of the fundamental European values when refugees drown at Lampedusa, questions that some academics ask themselves, among whom Dirk Jacobs and Rik Coolsaet. Dirk Jacobs is a sociology professor associated with the ULB (Free University Brussels). Rik Coolsaet is as a professor international relations connected to Ghent University.

Syrie : les combats continuent, le désarmement chimique se met en place– 25/10/2013 Le Monde

The Syrian army seized, on Thursday, October 24th, a locality-key near Damascuswhile the regimegot ready to put back  the program of destruction of its chemical arsenal to the international organization asked to oversee this process.

Déjà fragilisée, Beyrouth s’enfonce, plombée par la crise syrienne– 25/10/2013– L’Orient le jour

Within the framework of the closing of the project French-Lebanese Cedar on the globalization and the metropolisation of Beirut, the department of geography of the University Saint Joseph organized a seminar on the theme  » Beirut, between globalization and Syrian crisis  »