4th To the 11th October

Maliki Says Terrorism in Iraq ‘Directly Related’ to Syria 7/10/2013– Al-Monitor

BAGHDAD — Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, in an exclusive written interview with Al-Monitor, said that Iraq supports a “transitional government that will manage affairs until elections are held and a constitution is adopted” in Syria.

Anger, Confusion Cloud Iran’s Adoption-Marriage Bill- 7/10/2013– Al-Monitor

TEHRAN — A proposed law which has created a lot of controversy during the past week in Iran can trace its roots to a verse from the Quran which says:

Het is kristalhelder dat Saoedi-Arabië hem probeert monddood te maken 8/10/2013– MO*

Overshadowed by international diplomatic interests, the human rights situation in Saudi Arabia remains alarming. Beginning of October the well-known human rights activist Walid Abu al-Khair was arrested. His crime: organizing meetings concerning human rights at his own house.

La composition du gouvernement Benkirane II enfin connue – 10/10/2013– Telquel

The new moroccan governement composition is finnaly known , below the complete list of the portfolios :

‘Syrische rebellen moorden en gijzelen’ -11/10/2013-De Standaard

According to the human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) Syrian rebels have killed more than 190 civilians and took more than 200 people hostage during an attack on August 4. 64 people have been executed or killed.