Fourth Meeting of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly: « Mediterranean Dialogues: citizenship and conflicts” – Istanbul 21-24 November 2013

The Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly (MCA) aims to foster the emergence a citizen’s voice and action, through the organization of activities, meetings and the creation of diverse spaces for dialogue. Since 2008, a group of Mediterranean citizens has committed to work towards the emergence of a Mediterranean citizenship, a Mediterranean community of people and a citizen’s network for action in the Mediterranean. The MCA has set out a Founding Charter based on the following values: democracy, freedom, peace, respect for human rights and cultural diversity, in addition to environmental responsibility.

The first meeting of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly, held in July 2010 in Valencia (Spain) was on the theme “Mediterranean dialogues: institutions and citizenship in the Mediterranean”. During this meeting the need to foster the emergence of a Mediterranean community of peoples that is anchored in a Mediterranean political space and in a Mediterranean citizenship has been highlighted.

The second meeting of the Mediterranean Citizens’ Assembly took place in Tunis in December 2011. Its focus was on “Crises and changes in the Mediterranean: citizenship on the move”. This Assembly has demonstrated that the people of the Mediterranean are writing their own destiny based on their aspiration for freedom, the consolidation of the demands of the young generations and the strengthening of civil society.

The third meeting held in Volos (Greece) in October 2012 dealt with the theme: « Changes in the Mediterranean, the dynamics of the Citizens’ Circles and the future of the MCA. » This meeting allowed the members of the Advisory Council and local citizens’ circles from all countries in the Mediterranean to establish a diagnosis of the current crises in the Mediterranean, in addition to discussing the future of the Citizens’ Circles and their projects, as well as making proposals for future common actions.

The fourth meeting in Istanbul (Turkey) from November 21st-24th 2013 will address the citizens’ dimension of various ongoing conflicts in the Mediterranean. The theme of this Assembly is: « Mediterranean Dialogues: citizenship and conflicts”.