The First to the 8th of November

Another Egyptian president on trial– 5/10/2013– Al-Monitor

CAIRO — Several months ago, sometime after the volcanic period that began in November, which witnessed Mohammed Morsi declaring himself Egypt’s omnipotent ruler, the referendum on the constitution, the beginning of mounting violence and anger, fierce political confrontation, and a raging fire of societal division that ensued, I remember seeing a peculiar yet highly expected photoshopped image at the time. It was an image with Morsi’s face cropped over a famous photograph of Hosni Mubarak behind bars during his trial

Saoedi-Arabië leidt de contrarevolutie– 5/11/2013– Mo*

Qatar gives the Muslim Brothers financial, political and media support in the Arab Spring. Saudi Arabia spares no effort or resources to use the popular risings to turn off competitors and keep befriended leaders in the saddle. But the Saudis are not pulling all the strings.

PLO official urges global probe into Arafat ‘killing’– 7/11/2013– Al-Ahram English

A PLO official on Thursday called for an international inquiry into « the killing » of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, a day after Swiss scientists said he probably died from polonium poisoning.

Berberdorpen in Zuidoost-Marokko verzetten zich tegen zilvermijn– 7/11/2013 Dewereldmorgen

Seven Berber villages in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas, about 150 km southeast of Ouarzazate, have been protesting for more than 26 years against a mining company that operates one of the largest silver mines in the country, in their region.

Kerry to join Iran nuclear talks in bid to reach deal– 8/11/2013– Al-Ahram English

The United States announced that the international community could slightly ease sanctions against Iran in the early stages of talks about a comprehensive, nuclear deal

US Secretary of State John Kerry will join nuclear talks between major powers and Iran in Geneva on Friday in an attempt to nail down a long-elusive accord to start resolving a decade-old standoff over Tehran’s atomic aims