13th until 20th of december

La dernière carte des frères18/12/2013al-Ahram Hebdo

After failing to win the sympathy of the Egyptians throughout the protests, the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to regain ground on the university scene, where they are firmly established.

Libië ruilt idealen van de revolutie in voor fatwa’s – 19/12/2013Mo*

TRIPOLI, 19 december 2013 (IPS) Libya is on its way to becoming a second Afghanistan when it comes to women’s rights, says Aicha Almagrabi, a Libyan writer and women’s rights activist. The IPS news Agency interviewed her in Tripoli.

Netanyahu delivers hard-line speech at Likud convention– 19/12/2013- Al Monitor

As if no agreement had been signed between the world powers and Iran, and with the same old threatening rhetoric, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dedicated a large part of his speech on Dec.18 at the Likud Party convention to the Iranian nuclear program. His bottom line hasn’t changed either: Israel will not accept a nuclear bomb.

Crackdown shatters AKP ‘anti-corruption’ taboo– 19/12/2013Al Monitor

Since the morning of Dec. 17, the Turkish public has been experiencing shock waves as a result of massive anti-corruption operations, which directly concern Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Justice and Development Party (AKP). There are phenomenal accusations of bribery against four major government ministers who are known to be close to the prime minister: Erdogan Bayraktar, minister of environment and urbanization; Muammer Guler, minister of interior; Zafer Caglayan, minister of economy; and Egemen Bagis, minister of EU affairs.

Dette extérieure : le Liban 2e au classement régional – 20/12/2013–  l’Orient du jour

A report by the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) noted that the external debt of the land of Cedar in late June has been exceeded in the region by only one other country.