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Egypte-Qatar : hier amis, aujourd’hui ennemis – 11/12/2013al Ahram Hebdo

After Turkey, who’s ambassador was expelled a few weeks ago, it’s Qatar’s turn to experience tensions with Egypt. Since  July, when former president Morsi was overthrown, the Egyptian-Qatari relations are on a tight rope.

Israel opens ‘de facto jail’ for migrants – 12/12/2013Al Jazeera

Israel has begun moving African asylum seekers into a new detention facility in the country’s southern desert, in a move that has been harshly criticised by human rights groups.

EU failing Syria refugees, says Amnesty International report – 13/12/2013- BBC news world

European leaders should be ashamed by the paltry numbers of refugees from Syria they are prepared to resettle, human rights group Amnesty says.

Formation du gouvernement… en attendant Godot – 13/12/2013 l’Orient du jour

The Republic seems to have finally turned to the « passive » mode, granting itself already an early holiday before the holiday season.

Het jaar van de detente voor Iran – 13/12/2013Mo*

Brussels, December 13th 2013 (IPS) — In 2013 something happened that no one dared to predict on e year earlier: Iran signed an agreement after negotiations with the 5+ 1 coalition and promised to suspend uranium enrichment