November 25th until December 6th

The Egyptian constitution: the militarized state – 27/11/2013Open Democracy

In order to gain a deeper understanding of articles related to the military in Egypt’s amended constitution one needs to look at the clauses in conjunction with other clauses. This will shed light on what is the revival of a full-scale military dictatorship.

Minstens 29 doden bij aanval op Jemenitisch ministerie – 4/12/2013De Standaard

In an attack against the Yemeni Ministry of Defence there are at least 29 deaths. That was reported by the local security forces. The gate of the complex in the capital Sanaa was blown up by a car bomb. In a military hospital a gunfight followed.

Killing of Hezbollah operative bears Israeli fingerprints – 5/12/2013- The Daily Star

BEIRUT/BAALBEK, Lebanon: In yet another blow to Hezbollah this year, a senior party commander was assassinated south of Beirut overnight Wednesday, signaling ongoing warfare between the secretive Lebanese group and its archfoe Israel.

Turkey recasts approach to armed groups in Syria – 5/12/2013 Al Monitor

Will Turkey’s cutting off logistical support to al-Qaeda in Syria, and discriminating between al-Qaeda-affiliated organizations and moderate groups under the Free Syrian Army banner, be enough to extricate the country from the Syrian morass?

Ezel is terug in straatbeeld Gaza-Stad – 5/12/2013Mo*

GAZA-CITY – The garbage trucks stopped working in Gaza-City. That is the result of a fuel shortage that affects the daily life on almost all fronts, even when it comes to the collection of garbage and other vital services. So the donkey is deployed again to help.