10th- 17th January

Le “grand jeu” de l’Arabie saoudite pour étouffer les « printemps arabes » – 14/01/2014Le Monde

January 14th, 2011, Ben Ali flew out to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; unaware that he would spend the next three years in exile, boring as hell. Paris didn’t want him and neither did any other Arab country.


Arrestation of pro-Morsi demonstrator in Cairo, January 10th. Ahmed Abd El Latif/AP


L’impossibilité de dire non dans une Égypte polarisée – 15/01/2014Orient XXI

Yesterday and today, the Egyptians were called upon to vote. Again. Since the fall of Mubarak, votes and polls have succeeded at a rapid pace and in a more than ever polarized Egypt, voting “no” or even express his opposition became perilous.

Rafiq Hariri murder trial: proceedings begin- but the dock is empty – 15/01/2014- The Independent

At last! Justice! International justice, no less. The truth – al-haqiqa, in Arabic – which is just what Rafiq Hariri’s family and supporters have demanded ever since he was assassinated in Beirut on Valentine’s Day 2005. On Thursday, an old Dutch intelligence headquarters near The Hague – how very suitable – will be the historic venue for the trial of the former Lebanese Prime Minister’s alleged murderers.

Koeweit en de VS beloven Syrië honderden mijoenen dollars 16/01/2014Mo*

KUWAIT, January 16th 2014 (IPS) – The international community has pledged $ 2, 4 billion for aid to war-torn Syria this week. Kuwait and the United States took the lead with respectively $ 500 million and $ 380 million.

Youth remain low priority for Hamas  – 16/01/2014–  Al-Monitor

The story did not start on January 10 when R.B., a young Gazan, tried to jump off the roof of his house in Rafah city and threatened to kill himself if he was not allowed to meet with Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh to state his demands. The story began years earlier, as the youth living in the occupied Palestinian territories faced mounting frustrations.