27th – 31st January

Egypt in Year Three – 24/01/2014 – The Nation

January 25, 2011, was a transformative moment for Egypt. Thousands of protesters flooded the streets to call for the downfall of Hosni Mubarak’s sclerotic regime, confronting the notorious security forces on National Police Day and sparking a mass uprising that reverberated around the world.

Turkey faces a ‘war’ within its borders as Prime Minister Erdogan cracks down on opponents – 23/01/2014 – The Daily Telegraph

Posters of the candidates plaster the walls of Istanbul’s Qassim Pasha district, urging residents to vote in local and national elections later this year. For the past decade the electoral decision within the ramshackle apartment blocks and tea houses of this neighbourhood – one of the poorest in the city – was a foregone conclusion. Recep Tayyip Erdogan,Turkey’s prime minister, grew up here and its residents are proud supporters of their man.

Different Policies, the Same Game: Syrian and Palestinian Refugees in Egypt – 28/01/2014 – Jadaliyya

Continuing conflict in the Middle East and North Africa over the past decade has caused a sudden, periodic rise in the number of first Iraqi, then Libyan, and most recently Syrian refugees to Egypt. However, the predominant refugee groups in the country since the 1990s have been from the Horn of Africa. Many groups of African refugees–from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan–have resided in Egypt on a semi-permanent basis over the past two decades.

Nétanyahou immobile face à l’isolement croissant d’Israël – 29/01/2014 – Le Monde

Party leaders of the Israeli left compare the Prime Minister to the Commander of theTitanic: as Edward Smith, who had ignored the messages indicating iceberg formations, Netanyahu remains deaf to the warnings of those who predict a diplomatic disaster for Israel, under the shape of the final failure of the two-state solution, together with a growing international isolation.

Camp de réfugiés près de Gaziantep, au sud de la Turquie © OZAN KOSE/ AFP

Genève II : la désillusion des combattants syriens – 23/01/2014 – TV5 Monde

In one of the tents of the camp Baben Lebanon, some men are watching a football match. The peace conference began in Montreux, Switzerland, on Wednesday January 22 morning. But among the rebel fighters, disillusionment prevails. Mohammed and Yahia are from Homs and fought in the ranks of the Free Syrian Army. Yahia was wounded by shellfire and now moves with the aid of crutches. They expect nothing from this diplomatic meeting.

De Syrische uitdaging stopt niet aan de onderhandelingstafel – 22/01/14 – De Morgen

Today begins the II Geneva Conference for peace in Syria. Belgium will not sit at the table and will play a modest role. It is the major powers of the Security Council and in the region which can weigh. Everyone realizes that the cease-fire is not possible if the belligerents don’t resolutely opt for a political solution.