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Égypte dorénavant sous le coup de la loi anti-terroriste 26/12/2013Jeune Afrique

Suspected of being responsible for the deadly attack on December 24 against the police, the Muslim Brotherhood have been qualified as a « terrorist organization » by the Egyptian authorities. The brotherhood of former President Mohamed Morsi is now under the purview of the anti-terrorist law.


Source: AFP

Israëls apartheid treft ook het verkeer – 31/12/2013De Wereld Morgen

In theory Palestinians may since a few years reuse a highway between Jeruzalem and Tel Aviv, but you will be spotting little Palestinian license plates. The Israeli checkpoints make sure that Israël can also impose its apartheid policies in traffic.

Is Recep still a model? Erdogan’s burdens in 2014 – 02/01/2014- Ahram English

Amid a widening corruption scandal and troubled regional relations, is Turkey’s AKP model on the wane?

Was Thursday’s Beirut blast linked to Sidon attack?02/01/2014Al Monitor

A security source told Al-Monitor that three indicators suggest that the explosion that shook Beirut’s southern suburbs on Thursday afternoon (Jan. 2) might be linked to Lebanese army intelligence arresting a leading al-Qaeda official, Saudi citizen Majid bin Mohammad al-Majid, in Lebanon.

Début des exportations de brut du Kurdistan d’Irak vers la Turquie – 03/01/2014–  l’Orient le jour

Iraqi Kurdistan began exporting its first barrels of crude oil to Turkey, despite the dispute over sharing revenues which opposes the autonomous region to the central government in Baghdad, announced the Turkish Minister of Energy yesterday.