14th-21st February

Le Liban se dote d’un nouveau gouvernement – 15/02/2014 – Le Monde

Lebanon has got on 15th February a government based on a political compromise, after more than one month of blockage by the two factions. “After ten months of efforts, patience […] a government protecting the national interest is born”, said the new Prime minister, Tammam Salam, announcing the list of the 24 ministers.

Nasrallah défend le « sacrifice » de l’implication du Hezb en Syrie – 16/02/2014 – L’Orient-le-Jour

Hizbullah’s secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah has defended on Sunday the involvement of his movement in Syria’s fighting, along with the Syrian government forces. He has declared that this struggle is “worth all the sacrifices”.

Idris al-Senussi : un prince pour sauver la Libye ? – 17/02/2014 – Sud Ouest

The prince Idriss al-Senoussi will be gathering in the next few weeks the main tribes in Libya. He wishes he will set up a Council of Wise Men and re-establish the political unity around him […] He says that he does not want to “claim the Libyan throne”, even if the government of Tripoli has recently decided to give back to the royal family their rights and their goods.


© Photo B.B. The prince is one of the crown prince for the Libyan throne. Here in Paris.

Abbas delivers message of peace to Israeli students – 18/02/2014 – Al Monitor

When Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas met with 300 Israeli university students in Ramallah on February 16, he accomplished more than one goal. He simultaneously sent a powerful message of peace to the Israeli public while indicating to his own people, and the region as a whole, the areas where Palestinian negotiators are willing to compromise.

Jihadist way of life in Jordan – 18/02/2014 – BBC News

It was the hometown of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq, who was killed in a US air strike in 2006. One of its current residents is a jihadist – “Abdullah” – who has recently returned from fighting in Syria. Abdullah (not his real name) was helped by smugglers to cross the border into Syria. On his return, he was arrested, but later released.

Buitenlandse Zaken roept Belgen in Egypte op tot verhoogde waakzaamheid – 18/02/2014 – De Morgen

The minister of Foreign Affairs has demanded that the Belgians travelling in Egypt or who have planned to go there to be more attentive. “All the travels in the North and the South of the Sinai, except Sharm al-Cheikh, and the borderland with Sudan and Libya shall be avoided because of deep problems of security in this area”.