7th-14th February

A Genève, les négociations sur la Syrie s’enlisent – 11/02/2014 – Le Monde

For the second round of negotiations at Geneva, Switzerland, peace talks between the Syrian government and the political opposition are not making significant progress. Both have recognized that they have failed, but place the responsibility on the other part.


© AFP/Philippe Desmazes. The Coalition’s spokesperson, Louay Safi, with the media, in Geneva.

77 morts dans le crash d’un avion militaire algérien – 11/02/2014 – Le Nouvel Observateur

Tuesday 11th February a military plane crash in Algeria has killed 77 persons and injured another one, has announced the Algerian ministry of Defence.

Réunification de Chypre : reprise des négociations – 11/02/2014 – Le Soir

The political leader of Greek-Cypriot Nicos Anastasiades and the leader of Turkish-Cypriot are supposed to hold a meeting around 10.30 at Nicosia, on the “green border”. This area is under UN control, delimitating the two States for 40 years.

Duizenden Israëli’s betogen tegen vredesgesprekken – 13/02/2014 – De Morgen

Hundreds of young Israelis along with some members of the government have taken into the street against peace talks with the Palestinians, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. Since the settlement of Maale Adumim, they went to the territory E1. The demonstrators were also protesting against the Benjamin Netanyahou’s decision to freeze the plans, under the international community pressure, of building a new settlement between Maale Adumim and Jérusalem.

Vladimir Putin pre-empts presidency bid by Egypt’s military chief – 13/02/2014 – The Guardian

Vladimir Putin has wished Egypt’s military chief victory in the nation’s presidential vote, even though he has yet to announce his bid – demonstrating Russia’s desire to expand its military and other ties with a key US ally in the Middle East.

Iraqi media also characterized by political, sectarian bias – 13/02/2014 – Al Monitor

Media outlets in Iraq have undoubtedly turned into platforms for marketing and propaganda, despite their claims of objectivity. The political authorities have been using the media widely, sometimes transforming it from a “fourth estate” into a medium for state propaganda.