Midi-Med: 50 years of Moroccan immigration: issues and prospects of a unique history

The MEDEA Institute and the European Movement-Belgium are pleased to invite you to the next Midi Med on 24th February, 2014 on the following issue: « 50 years of Moroccan immigration: issues and prospects of a unique history », with :

  • Elsa Mescoli, PhD in anthropology, University of Liège.
  • Xavier Luffin, lecturer in Arabic language and Arabic literature, Université libre de Bruxelles.
  • Ahmed Medhoune, commissioner general of the exhibition « Nass Belgica. L’immigration marocaine en Belgique », at Botanique, Brussels.

Where? Info-Point Schuman, Rue Archimède 1, 1000 Brussels (Angle Rond-Point Schuman et Rue Archimède).

When?  Monday 24th February 2014, 12.30-14.00.

Moderation : Sébastien Boussois ( MEDEA Institute).

The MEDEA Institute works in Brussels for nearly twenty years in favor of the rapprochement between the two shores of the Mediterranean, and a genuine Euro-Arab cooperation at the heart of the capital of the European Union. Its action is part of the cultural, political and humanistic awareness promoted by the Barcelona Process. This cooperation, which seems sometimes distant, takes place not only between Europe and the countries of southern Mare Nostrum , but also at the heart of Europe , Brussels, between Europeans and immigrants or citizens of Belgium with Moroccan origin in particular.

The Moroccan community is one of the largest in the country and justifies a sustainable and exemplary policy, with resources to match its ambitions. With the French and Italians of origin or nationality, Belgian of Moroccan origin and Moroccans are more than 400,000 in the country, the result of sixty years of immigration, integration and identification with the host country.

The Moroccan Demographic, cultural, economic and social presence is official celebrating in 2014 its 50th anniversary. Today it has become a great tool of diversity, contributing to the Tower of Babel that is already cultural and linguistic Belgium. Back to Genesis.

Invitation (in French).

If you want to attend the event, please complete this document.