The EU-GCC strategic partnership in the aluminium industry

The Gulf Aluminium Council (GAC) is organizing a conference on:

«The EU-GCC strategic partnership in the aluminium industry».

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When ?: Wednesday 5th March 2014, from 10am to 12 am
Where ?: Bibliothèque Solvay, in Bruxelles. You can find a map here.
Language: English.
For further information and reservation: the program is here, or adele@gac.ae or roger.bertozzi@gmail.com
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The Aluminium industry of the GCC represents around 10% of the world output of primary metal and will continue to grow, upstream and in downstream activities. In the five past years alone, the GCC has invested more than 25 billion euros in its aluminium sector. 70% of the purchases have been granted to European companies.

It has the highest standards and performance in key areas and indicators: Environmental performance, quality and purity, technology, energy efficiency, labour and human resources standards, revenues, lowest rate of work-related accidents, contribution to industrial diversification and highly skilled job opportunities for nationals, etc…

As such, the GCC aluminium industry should be seen as a strategic partner for the lowcarbon competitiveness and the sustainable development of the various countries it supplies. This is of particular relevance for the European market, the biggest in the world and one with a significant perspective of increase for GCC exports, as its demand for this metal will continue to grow in a double context of declining EU production and incremental use of aluminium products in the transition to the green economy, where Europe has the lead worldwide in terms of ambition and of binding commitments.

The GCC Aluminium industry must therefore be better known, perceived and sought for as a preferred partner, and not just a supplier, in Europe, and its representative body, the Gulf Aluminium Council-GAC is set to become part of the EU institutional landscape through continued dialogue and cooperation with private and public European organisations. For the first time, a major Gulf industrial sector and top-level representatives will present itself in Brussels and discuss current and future relations and business perspectives.

This High-Level conference is a unique opportunity to better know the Gulf’s second largest industrial sector and assess the potential for increased EU-GCC cooperation in areas such as trade, industry, investments, environmental protection, quality standards, training, energy efficiency, technology and product innovation.