1st-7th March 2014

In full carnage, Damascus prepares the reelection of Assad – The East the day – 07/03/2014

After three years of bloody conflict, leaving more than 140,000 dead, the destruction of entire neighborhoods and millions of refugees on the roads, Assad prepares discreetly his reelection.

The Syrian president has announced nothing about his desire to seek a third term despite opponents, fighters and Western powers claiming his departure. But in the areas of Damascus controlled by the government, preparations are unambiguous.

© Khaled al-Hariri/Reuters. Last month, a rally in the south of Damascus in memory of the victims of the conflict turned into a political meeting where speakers called for a third term of Bashar al-Assad.

Qatar punished by his neighbors – International Courier – 03/06/2014

Why did the Gulf countries suddenly withdrew their ambassadors from Doha?

Egypt faces drinking water shortage because of Nile pollution – Al Monitor – 06/03/2014

Every once in a while, the level of pollution in the Nile rises, which requires halting the drinking water from stations that supply many areas of Egyptian cities because the Nile water no longer meets cleanliness standards. These rises in pollution are often caused by the Nile’s low water level.

Syrian refugees are an « existential danger » to Lebanon according to its president – World – 05/03/2014

Lebanese President Michel Sleimane warned Wednesday, March 5 that the influx of Syrian refugees in his country was an « existential danger threatening the Lebanese unity. » At the opening of a meeting of the International Support Group (ISG) in Lebanon organized at the Elysee Palace, Sleimane called for a greater number of countries hosting Syrian refugees, citing Germany. He lamented that the effort in this regard « is far less than the burden on the shoulders of Lebanon. »

Arab states withdraw ambassadors from Qatar in protest at ‘interference’ – The Guardian – 05/03/2014

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE take steps after Qatar’s failure to uphold agreement on security and stability of GCC.