18th-25th April

Hostages in Syria: what we know about their captivity and their release – 20/04/2014 – Le Monde

Following the excitement of reunion, the first testimonies show a glimpse of these ten long months in captivity. Their lips are slowly loosening: those of the former hostages who speak of their captivity, and some of the French authorities who provide the first elements on the conditions of release.

Gender issues in the new Yemen  – 22/04/2014 – Yemen Times

Women or children or youth will not have their rights unless the whole society is defined by social and justice equality, and an environment free of corruption where socio-economic mobility is based on merit and competence rather than favoritism and nepotism. This is why I think it is futile to simply keep on addressing women’s rights in isolation from all the other issues the country is facing. It should be seen as part of the whole human rights issue.

palestiniens réconciliation

© AFP. The Palestinian political factions have announced a surprise reconciliation deal and plans for a unified government.

Palestinian groups Fatah, Hamas announce accord that could threaten Mideast peace talks – 23/04/2014 – Washington Post

Rival Palestinian political factions on Wednesday announced a surprise reconciliation deal and plans for a unified government, upending US-backed peace talks with Israel just days before a deadline to end or extend the most substantive negotiations in years.

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood divided over reform faction – 24/04/2014 – Al Monitor

Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood has been widely criticized by moderate Islamist figures for sacking three prominent members last week for their role in launching the Zamzam Initiative, a reform movement that seeks reconciliation with the State. The three men, Irhail Gharaibeh, Nabil Kofahi and Jamil Dheisat, were tried in absentia by the group’s internal tribunal after charges were brought against them last December.

Iraqi women candidates for parliamentary elections promote women’s rights – 24/04/2014 – L’Orient le Jour

In the past Iraq was a model for women’s rights; now, the country is widely criticized for discriminations and violence against Iraqi women. This difficult situation is at the very heart of the political programs of the women candidates in the parliamentary elections on 30th April.

Three years later, the refugees from Tawergha are still in a stalemate – 24/04/2014 – Magharebia

People of Tawergha want to leave the tin shacks they occupy in the refugee camps and go back home, but three years after the revolution, the Libyan officials must still try to alleviate their suffering. Thousands of families from Tawergha who had fled retaliation from the neighbor city of Misrata are living now of charitable organizations in Benghazi and elsewhere.