25th April-2nd May

Syrian rebels who received first US missiles of war see shipment as « an important first step » – 28/04/2014 – The Washington Post

Under the leadership of a young, battle-hardened rebel commander, the men entrusted with the first American missiles to be delivered to the Syrian war are engaged in an ambitious effort to forge a new, professional army. Abdullah Awda, 28, says he and his recently formed Harakat Hazm – or Movement of Steadfastness – were chosen to receive the weapons because of their moderate views and, just as important, their discipline.

John Kerry warns Israel could become « aparteid State »  – 28/04/2014 – The Daily Telegraph

John Kerry has warned that Israel risks becoming an “apartheid State” if it fails conclude a historic peace deal with the Palestinians, in a graphic indication of his frustration at the collapse of his peace initiative. His blunt comment, made behind closed doors at a meeting of senior international officials, broke a long-standing American taboo on comparing Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to apartheid-era South Africa, and is certain to damage his already frayed relations with the Israeli political establishment.

pro morsi qui pleurent

© AP/Ahmed Gomaa. An Egyptian Court has sentenced nearly 700 alleged Morsi supporters.

In Egypt, almost 700 supporters of then President Morsi condemned to death penalty – 28/04/2014 – Le Monde

Minya Court, in Egypt, has condemned to death penalty on Monday 28th April, 683 supporters of the then Islamist president Mohammed Morsi, for acts of violence and murders of policemen. These sentences have now to be approved by the Egyptian mufti, but it is only a formality.

Racism: in North Africa, do Black people are considered as full citizens? – 29/04/2014 – Jeune Afrique

In 2004, Jeune Afrique wondered: “Are North Africans racists?” The evocation of this taboo had provoked many different reactions. Natives or migrants, Black people were outraged to be the target of an unnamed contempt, being insulted everyday: kahlouch (negro), qird (monkey), abid (slave)…

Authoritarianism is back in Iraq: al-Maliki looks at a third term – 29/04/2014 – Orient XXI

Amidst continuing violence and political instability Iraqi people will vote on 30th April 2014. These national elections, the first legislative poll since the American withdrawal from the country, will have an impact on the political transition and the nation-building process. Incumbent Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is seeking a third mandate despite his unpopularity and growing political opposition. Does Iraq is heading toward another authoritarian regime?

Southerners gather to demand secession on anniversary of civil war – 29/04/2014 – Yemen Times

Thousands of Southerners commemorated the 20th anniversary of the 1994 civil war on Sunday by gathering at Al-Orod Square in Mukalla City, Hadramout to condemn the division of the South into two federal regions and to renew calls for secession. Demonstrations were slated to be held in al-Mo’ala, Aden, but security forces prevented Southern Movement (al-Hirak) supporters from organizing protests in the former capital of South Yemen, according to Majed al-Shoaibi, a journalist with Southern Movement affiliations.