4th-11th April

Relative Calm in Parts of Syria is Deceptive – 05/04/2014 – The New York Times

The change of atmosphere here in the Syrian capital is unmistakable. The boom of shelling no longer dominates the days and nights. Tensions over security are draining from the city like air from a balloon. Checkpoints remain ubiquitous but sentries are relaxed, even jocular, teasing strangers, “Any bombs” ?

In Yemen, the Muslim Brothers are not like the others  – 08/04/2014 – Orient XXI

The upheavals in the Muslim Brotherhood movement since mid-2013 are embodied differently from one country to another. It is subject to brutal crackdown in Egypt, criminalized by Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, more or less relegated to a position of secondary importance in Tunisia and is shifting into an authoritarian rule in Turkey. In Yemen, al-Islah party, widely regarded as the local branch of the Brotherhood, knows a singular destiny since the beginning of the revolutionary process in 2011.

Tawakkol Karman

© Gamal Noman/AFP. Tawakkul Karman, co-winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2011, is a member of the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood (al-Islah). As a pragmatic leader, she has distanced herself from the party since the beginning of the revolution.

No Security for Egypt’s Women – 08/04/2014 – Asharq al-Awsat

Last December, Egyptian academic Mariz Tadros wrote that women’s human security was not on anyone’s agenda. According to her research, the security breakdown since the Arab uprisings had led to a dramatic rise of sexual harassment due to the sense among perpetrators that, in the absence of law and order, they can get away with anything. Women’s mobility, including their ability to go to work, has been severely curtailed.

Marginalized Saudi Youth Launch Virtual Protests – 09/04/2014 – Al Monitor

Saudi Arabia today faces something more challenging than a revolution – a sporadic and frustrated youth protest thus far expressed only the virtual world. More than half of dozen men and women in recent weeks began to post videos on Youtube in a desperate move to attract attention to their economic and political marginalization and to warn against its consequences.

Libya, three years after : an alarming situation – 10/04/2014 – France Info

About three years ago, NATO launched a military intervention in Libya, country of six millions of inhabitants in the northern part of Africa, and which has just made its revolution. This intervention ended in fact the Kadhafi regime in power for 42 years. Seven months later, the former Libyan Guide was killed. Now, in spite of the revolution and regime change, the country has become a powder keg.

Louiza Hanoune, the only woman to run for presidential election in Algeria – 10/04/2014 – L’Orient Le Jour

Louisa Hanoune, 60, the only woman to run for the 17th April presidential election, is an unusual but key figure in the political landscape in Algeria. She enjoys a great popularity, even in conservative circles hostile to women’s activism. “My hands are clean” she insists, after greeting in Arabic and Berber. “I have not repressed, I have not sold off companies, I have not oppressed women”.