Midi-Med: « Iran yesterday-Iran today : change during Rohani’s presidency »

The MEDEA Institute and the European Movement Belgium would like to invite you to the next Midi-Med on 23 april 2014 which will be dedicated to: Iran yesterday-Iran today: change during Rohani’s presidency, with:

Firouzeh Nahavandi, sociologist, professor at the ULB and author of ‘Iran’ (De Boeck, 2013)

Where? Info-Point Schuman, Rue Archimède 1, 1000 Brussels (Corner Rond-Point Schuman and Rue Archimède)

When? Wednesday 23 april 2014, from 12h30 until 14h

Moderated by: Sébastien Boussois (MEDEA Institute)

In June 2013 Hassan Rohani was elected president of the Islamic Republic of Iran and it was said that this offered new possibilities for a constuctive cooperation within the international community. He himself always remains vague concerning the negotiations. We cannot expect major changes in regard to the foreign relations with countries that are important for the conference, but we can see a new direction towards concessions in order to diminish the sanctions by the US and EU, because these have profound consequences for the Iranian economy.

The EU plays the rol of mediator and this when the threat of military attacks are often real during the negotiations. The EU must position itself between on the one hand the US who want to make sure the Israeli security is guaranteed and on the other hand the radicals in Iran who follow ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s leadership.


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The event will be held in French.