Press review 28th March-4th April

Press review

28th March-4th April

The US is paying the cost of supporting the House of Saud as cracks begin to appear – 29/03/2014 – The Independent

President Obama flew to Saudi Arabia to patch up relations with King Abdullah at the end of last week in his first visit in five years. The alliance had been strained by Saudi anger over US negotiations with Iran on its nuclear programme and Obama’s refusal to go to war in Syria to overthrow Baschar al-Assad last year. For its part, the US is upset by Saudi Arabia covertly supporting al-Qaeda-type movements in Syria and elsewhere.

Syria’s civil war and the end-of-time – 01/04/2014 – Haaretz

Conflict in Syria kills hundreds of thousands of people and spreads unrest across the Middle-East. Iranian forces battle anti-Shi’ite fighters in Damascus, and the region braces for an ultimate showdown. If the scenario sounds familiar to an anxious world watching Syria’s devastating civil war, it resonates even more with Sunni and Shi’ite fighters on the frontline – who believe it was all foretold in 7th century prophecies.

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