23th-30th May

Libya’s Maiteeq wins congress confidence vote after milita threats – 25/05/2014 – The Guardian

Libya’s new prime minister Ahmed Maiteeq won a vote of confidence from parliament on Sunday in defiance of a renegade former army general who has challenged the assembly’s legitimacy. Maiteeq, backed by the Muslim Brotherhood which is opposed by anti-Islamist forces in Libya, was initially elected two weeks ago after a chaotic parliamentary session that some lawmakers had rejected as illegal.

Pope Francis calls for reconciliations between Israel and Palestine – 25/05/2014 – De Standaard

Pope Francis calls, after a visit to both countries, « for a solutions between both parties allowing Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace. » He invited both presidents for a common prayer in the Vatican. According to Abbas, the visit of the Argentine church leader is a « signal to the world to remember the difficult life in Palestine. » « Hereby I send a message to our neighbors, the Israelis: Come and let us work together on peace and justice ».

pape françois

© AFP. Pope Francis has met the Palestinian Authority’s president, Mahmoud Abbas (picture), and the Israeli president, Shimon Peres. He calls for reconciliation between Israel and Palestine.

These militas fighting on the Assad regime side – 26/05/2014 – Orient XXI

The last three years the Syrian crisis has become continuously a regional and global conflict. While the international roots of the opposition through the flow of European djihadis and funding from the Gulf, are frequently raised, the foreign fighters on the regime side are instrumental in maintaining Assad in power and the issue is not very documented. It does not mean that it is not essential.

Egypt tightens border security amid Libyan unrest – 26/05/2014 – Al Monitor

On May 20, the Egyptian authorities decided to close the Egyptian-Libyan border. This decision bans Egyptians from travelling to Libya, and forbids Libyans from entering Egypt until the security situation becomes stable. Maj. Gen. Abdel Moneim Saeed, the former head of operations for the Egyptian armed forces, told al-Monitor that closing the border was an inevitable step.

Debates around the religious speech in Morocco – 26/05/2014 – Magharebia

Former jihadis, researchers and members of the civil society have held a meeting last week in Casablanca, Morocco to speak about the religious speech. This colloquium was organized on 21st May by Espace moderniste pour le développement et la coexistence (EMDC).

Government pledges 60,000 tons of diesel to alleviate fuel crisis – 27/05/2014 – Yemen Times

Prime Minister Mohammed  Salem Basindwa declared Saturday that the government is planning to import 60,000 tons of diesel in a bid to overcome the diesel crisis the country has been facing. The fuel crisis continues to be a major cause for concern for ordinary Yemenis.