9th-16th May

Ngo’s ask Palestine to join the International Criminal Court – 10/05/2014 – Mo* Magazine

Seventeen human rights organizations, including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, have asked the Palestinian Authority to become a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC). This would enable the Court to judge war crimes and crimes against humanity committed on Palestinian territory.

The Saudi Foreign Policy in a Gloomy Stalemate – 13/05/2014 – Orient XXI

The 2011 popular uprisings in the Arab world have more affected durably the « Republican » regimes than the monarchy powers. However, they have unveiled that the most emblematic of them, Saudi Arabia, is not nearly as stable as it seems, that its regional power is fragile and its political initiatives are creating more turmoil than bringing peace. To such an extent that we should consider, in Europe, the benefice of a political alliance with the Saudi regime, that is unnecessary in terms of importing its oil but fundamental to have a privileged access to its money.

abdallah arabie saoudite

© AFP. The 2011 Saudi protests has not achieved their goals, but have revealed how fragile was the Saudi power.

Iran’s Drone War in Syria  – 14/05/2014 – The Daily Beast

Iran has been providing Syria’s regime with drones – some of them inspired by American technology – and they’re already playing a significant role in keeping Bashar Assad in power. On Sunday, Tehran announced it had replicated a top-of-the-line US drone it claimed it captured in 2011, raising the possibility it will send still more sophisticated aerial robots into the skies over Damascus.

Millions will boycott Egypt’s elections – 15/05/2014 – Al Monitor

As we approach one more presidential election, millions seem to have not changed their minds or political tactics and are insisting on boycotting. The majority of boycotters this time are from the Muslim Brotherhood – with a 6 million solid voter front that endorsed Morsi in the first round of elections in 2012 – followed by the majority of Salafists, the revolutionary April 6 Movement and other sectors involving young people.

Bouteflika has taken an oath, but it’s the system that has spoken to the Nation – 15/05/2014 – Le Quotidien d’Oran

In the current climate of the Algeria political landscape, a regime change from the bottom is very unlikely to occur. The top power will only change the system to better conserve it. The solution should not then be found from the regime but from a reinvigorating political landscape and civil society.

« Silvered Water »: a nerve-racking film from Syria – 16/05/2014 – France 24

Shown in a special showing at the Cannes film festival on Friday, the documentary “Eau argentée” (Silvered Water) explores new ways of telling the Syrian tragedy through the amateur videos that have been filmed at the beginning of the conflict.

homs détruite

© AP. The city of Homs is now devastated. The film « Silvered Water » is directly inspired from the situation and the beginning of the Syrian revolution in the city.