13th-20th June

In Baghdad, Sunnis are waiting anxiously – 17/06/2014 – Le Figaro

As numerous Iraqi Sunnis, Omar considers that the jihadis are “liberators” from a Shia oppression symbolized by Nuri al-Maliki and his militias, in particular those from the Assaib al-Haq brigade. “Anyway we have no choice because if we lose this battle, the Sunni presence in the country will be over” Omar predicts. It’s because he wants to continue living in this war-torn Iraq that he just got an imitation badge to move freely through the checkpoints.


© Ahmad al-Rubaye/AFP. Many checkpoints have grown in Baghdad in the aftermath of the ISIS offensive in the north of the country. They are a direct threat to the capital and recall the period of the 2006-2008 civil war along sectarian lines.

Egypt regains membership in African Union – 17/06/2014 – Al Ahram English

The African Union’s Peace and Security Council has unanimously agreed to unfreeze Egypt’s membership to the AU, state news agency MENA reported on Tuesday. The decision comes after almost a year of Egypt being suspended from the 54-nation bloc just days after the overthrow of president Mohamed Morsi, citing a need to restore “constitutional order”.

Assad comes out as the winner from the ISIS’ Blitzkrieg – 18/06/2014 – Mo*Magazine

Assad uses the card of muslim extremism in particular to gain support from the West, which until now actively supported the uprisings against Assad’s regime. His regime has been economically sanctioned by the West since the beginning of the revolt in Syria. However, no Western regime wants a post-Assad era where muslim fundamentalists are in power.

Another historic Derna tomb destroyed – 18/06/2014 – Libya Herald

Militants Islamists have destroyed another historic tomb at Derna’s celebrated Sahaba Mosque. Bulldozers were brought in during the past few days to reduce the tomb of Mohamed Bey, a 17th century local governor, to rubble.

Football in Iran: a match opposing society and power – 18/06/2014 – Orient XXI

On 16th June, the football national team of Iarn, the Team Melli, got a 0-0 draw against the team of Nigeria in this World Cup, after a boring match. If Iran is likely to play a very marginal role in the competition, the event has a success more important than meets the eye. In fact football is in the middle of tensions and complex and fascinating issues between power and society.

Senate Republicans looking to slash aid to Palestinians – 18/06/2014 – Al Monitor

Republicans in the Senate are preparing to push new restrictions on Palestinian aid that have already cleared the House with bipartisan support. Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S. C., and Mark Kirk, R-III, are seeking to cut US assistance by the amount paid to prisoners in Israeli custody and their families, according to an amendment to the Senate spending bill for State and Foreign Operations obtained by al-Monitor.