6th-13th June

For the first time, Americans and Iranians are discussing together – 09/06/2014 – Le Monde

For the first time representatives from the US and Iran will be officially holding talks on Monday 9th and Tuesday 10th of June in Geneva, Switzerland, to discuss the controversial Iranian nuclear program. The Iranians have announced on Saturday this surprise meeting. Washington has laconically confirmed, saying that no press conference will be held.

The ICC put Assad on the war criminals list to trial – 10/06/2014 – De Morgen

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad tops a list of people who would be war crimes. However, the question is if the ICC, located in The Hague, could prosecute Assad. During a meeting of the UN-Security Council last month, Russia and China used their veto once again in order to stop investigations of warcrimes held by the ICC in Syria. As Syria is not affiliated to the ICC, a unanimous decision of the UN-Security Council is paramount.

Rivlin’s crucial mission: the preservation of Israeli democracy – 11/06/2014 – Haaretz

While Rivlin does not have the prestige and international status of outgoing President Shimon Peres and his influence in that sphere will be limited, he has an even more important task: to save Israeli democracy from the force that are threatening to crush it. He, and the institution of the presidency together with him, will be required to serve as a symbolic and actual buffer against nationalism, racism, and the persecution of minorities.

reouven rivlin

© AFP. The newly elected Israeli president, Reouven Rivlin. 

In Mosul, an unnatural alliance between the Baas and jihadis – 12/06/2014 – Orient XXI

Eleven years after the US former president Georges W. Bush has launched the liberation of Iraq, the country is drawing close to civil war. This is an ongoing uprising against the sectarian power of the Prime minister Nuri al-Maliki. The fall of Mosul in the hands of baathists networks and jihadis might be a turning point in the history of Iraq.

Residents of Sana’a protest over fuel shortages, shut down major roads – 12/06/2014 – Yemen Times

Protesters set tires on fire and blocked traffic in various parts of Sana’a on Wednesday in protest against fuel shortages and electricity outages. Several streets, including Al-Adel, Al-Huria, Hayel, and Al-Siteen street, where President Hadi’s house is located, were blocked with rocks and burning tires from early morning until the afternoon on Wednesday.

New law to end sexual harassment in Egypt – 12/06/2014 – Al Jazeera English

Shortly after Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s inauguration on June 8, thousands of his supporters gathered in Egypt’s iconic Tahrir square to celebrate their newly elected president. Amid fireworks, enthusiastic and promising speeches, at least nine cases of sexual violence were later reported.