15th-22nd August

Linking Violence In Solidarity: Ferguson, Gaza, and the US State -18/08/2014- Jadaliyya

Palestinians have reacted to police brutality in Ferguson by providing advice on how to avoid the side effects of tear gas and expressing support for demonstrators there. Residents of Ferguson, in turn, have held signs reading “Free Gaza” alongside placards that state. This exchange between people on opposite sides of the world, and the hopeful networks of solidarity emerging therein, illuminate troubling aspects of the US state and offer potential frames for global activism.

Propaganda, an efficient weapon in the war in Iraq – 18/08/2014- MO*Magazine

The IS is very active on social media using it on one hand for recruiting purposes and on the other to sow fear. Fear is, for the IS, as important as military weapons. Its efficiency has been proved by the citizens massively fleeing when rumors say the IS is on its way.

Sex, youngsters and politics in Algeria -août 2014- Le Monde Diplomatique

Several traditional and religious societies forbid sexual intercourse before marriage. This prohibition is generally violated, with varying degrees of hypocrisy. In Algeria, the tension is even more intense, sometimes painful, as immigration and the Internet have diffused knowledge of sexual practices deemed sinful.

Shari’a enforced in Greece -19/08/2014- Orient XXI

Within the EU there is a territory where shari’a is officially recognized and enforced. In Greece, specifically in Western Thrace, close to the Greek-Turkish border, the Greek Muslim citizens can appeal to muftis and Islamic law to settle family and personal affairs, in compliance with Greek law.

Who are the Houthis in Yemen ? – 21/08/2014- Al Jazeera English

Last week thousands of Houthi supporters have called for the fall of Yemen’s government. Officially known as Ansarallah [the partisans of God], the Houthi rebel group began, in the early 1990s, as a theological movement that preached tolerance and then turned to arms in 2004 on grounds of self-defence against the central government.

© Reuters. The Houthis demand the return of fuel subsidies, among other grievances with the government.

Authoritarianism or Islamism ? Nor Heads nor Tales ! – 22/08/2014- L’Orient le Jour

What is left, three years later, of the « Arab Spring »? What, besides the disturbing impression of having been deceived? If it is now accepted that the Arab people were not doomed to be ruled by authoritarian regimes, why in 2014 these same people have elected or reelected Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Bashar Assad ?