1st-8th of August

Nightmare in Gaza-03/08/2014-Truthout

The media constantly intone that Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel. In reality, Hamas leaders have repeatedly made it clear that Hamas would accept a two-state settlement in accord with the international consensus that has been blocked by the U.S. and Israel for 40 years.

ISIS brings its war to Lebanon and it could be a part of a masterplan– 04/08/2014-The Independent

The world’s attention, of course, has been concentrated on the slaughter in Gaza. In the Middle East, tragedy must come one day at a time, so the Syrian civil war and the Isis takeover of western Iraq continued in the shadows of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. But the Islamists’ arrival in Lebanon and the prospect of a mini-civil war around Arsal – and perhaps as far as Tripoli – could have repercussions far graver than the Gaza war.

Iran,  on year under Rohani’s rule– 05/08/2014- MO*Magazine

When Hassan Rohani was elected president last year, large groups of people went on the street of Teheran to celebrate his unexpected victory. A year later, many Iranians still hope for a better situation in their country, although little has changed in their daily life. When he took office, Rohani promised to boost the economy and solve the Iranian nuclear programme. Although the economy continues to limp through sactions and the policy of the previous governement, small improvements make the population hopeful.

Antisemitism on rise across Europe ‘in worst times since the Nazis’-07/08/2014- The Guardian

Across Europe, the conflict in Gaza is breathing new life into some very old, and very ugly, demons. This is not unusual; police and Jewish civil rights organizations have long observed a noticeable spike in antisemitic incidents each time the Israeli-Palestinian conflict flares. But according to academics and Jewish leaders, this time it is different. More than simply a reaction to the conflict, they say, the threats, hate speech and violent attacks feel like the expression of a much deeper and more widespread antisemitism, fuelled by a wide range of factors, that has been growing now for more than a decade.

Who are the Christians in Iraq? 07/08/2014-L’Orient le jour

The community of Iraqi Christians is threatened. Tens of thousands have fled on Thursday after jihadists took control over several Iraqi towns in the North. Many of them have already left the country during the last couple of years.


© Carmen Pereira Rodriguez. On the 8th of August, people came together in Brussels to protest against the Christian persecutions in the Islamic State. The Christian community has been the victim of persecutions and have been fleeing the country since the IS came to power.

The presidential elections, the Kurds and the democratic future of Turkey– 08/08/2014-Orient XXI

The Kurds, counting for 12% of the electorate, will be important for the first Turkish presidential vote by direct universal suffrage on the 10th of August.  Selahattin Demirtas a 41 year old candidate from the Kurdish political movement, is at the head of a platform regrouping the HDP (Democratic Party of Peoples), a separatist Kurdish part, a socialist party, the liberal left and in particular small structures of civil society. Its outcome will not only be important for these elections but also for the future of a new opposition in Turkey.