Press Review 12th – 19th September


The Institutionalization of Tunisia’s Revolution – 15/09/2014 – OrientXXI

After three and a half years of an interim government, Tunisian voters in the coming weeks will be called to elect the heads of the new institutions,including the President of the Republic. Elected officials will have to face security, economic and social challenges of particular importance. To meet these challenges they have five years and … Western aid.

Iran doesn’t really fancy Afghan refugees – 16/09/2014 – MO*Magazine

Every day desperate Afghans try to illegally cross the border with Iran. An expensive and dangerous journey, which often ends just where it started, since Iran would rather see the Afghans leave than come.

Thousands of Gazans fleeing to Europe via tunnels, traffickers and boats – 17/09/2014 – Haaretz

Thousands of Palestinians have left the Gaza Strip for Europe using tunnels, traffickers and boats. The sinking of two ships carrying Palestinians from Gaza — one off the coast of Malta last week, and the other off the coast of Egypt — and the drowning of hundreds of passengers have focused attention on the trend. Gazans have been fleeing the Strip since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, but their escape was hardly covered in the media.

Egypt hunger strikes gain momentum – 14/09/2014 – Al Jazeera English

A nationwide hunger strike is gaining support in Egypt against the country’s controversial Protest Law.As Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi heads to New York next week for the UN General Assembly, he leaves behind a country with a growing movement of hunger strikers calling for the release of detainees jailed under a controversial Protest Law.
Why is the IS in such a rush to kill his hostages? – 19/09/2015 – L’Orient le jour

Lebanese officials were convinced until now that the jihadists who have in their hands thirty hostages belonging to the military, would not have wasted so easily this « treasure » that could be fully exploit in the negotiations. However, first with successive threats from al-Front Nosra, which still holds 18 hostages, then the Islamic State who on Wednesday threatened to behead one of the ten hostages it holds, the Lebanese officials’ calculations proved to be too optimistic, especially since two military have already been killed by the IS.

© IRIN - Every day 1,500-2,000 individuals are expelled from Iran, according to the Afghan government

© IRIN – Afghan Refugees expelled by Iranian government