Press Review 19th – 26th September

Turkey’s new Internet law contradicts its EU ambitions – 22/09/2014 – Al Monitor

The Turkish state has equipped itself with even more authority to monitor its Internet users, contradicting its new government’s re-energized EU drive in a potential blow to democratic rights of free speech and privacy. In fact the Parliament approved a government-sponsored bill with two articles that now allow the government to « legally » hold a vast database about all internet users in Turkey, including which websites they visit and for how long.

UN adopts a binding resolution to stem the flow of jihadists – 25/09/2014 – L’Orient le jour

On the 24th of September the UN Security Council, in an emergency session, adopted a binding resolution to stem the flow of foreign jihadists in Syria and Iraq, and the threat they pose to their country of origin. This document, adopted unanimously, requires the member States, under penalty of sanctions, to prevent their citizens from joining extremist organizations, such as the Islamic State.

Europe Balks at Joining Air Campaign Over Syria – 24/09/2014 – Wall Street Journal

The U.S. airstrikes in Syria, backed by a modest coalition of Arab partners, have so far failed to muster the support of traditional European allies. On Wednesday the U.K. and other European countries took key steps in lining up parliamentary support for airstrikes over territory that the militant group Islamic State has seized in Iraq, but Europe seems not willing to extend the military action into the radical organization’s stronghold: war-torn Syria.
The reluctance to intervene in Syria, European officials say, stems from doubts over whether airstrikes on the country have a clear legal basis.

Don’t fight the Islamic State like a chicken with its head cut off – 26/09/2014 – De Morgen

You would think that the Iraqis heave a sight of relief now that the world gives a hand in the fight against the Islamic State. But when Boris van Westering from the Dutch developmentorganisation Hivos hung around with a group of Iraqi human right activists, he heard a different sound. “People are running after the alliance against IS like a chicken with it’s head cut off.”

In Egypt, the police take its revenge – 25/09/2014 – OrientXXI

During Mubarak presidency the police used its power to humiliate, frighten and assert the State’s power over the population. During the revolution, protesters were able to express their vengeances against the police, which was losing its prerogatives. Since the official return of the Army at the head of the State, this powerful institution has been hunting activists down and wants revenge against the militants. Violence, torture and arbitrary arrests: how far will the police go?


©REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany - Egypt has imprisoned political opponents, journalists, and protesters since the military coup in 2013

©REUTERS/Mohamed Abd El Ghany – Egypt has imprisoned political opponents, journalists, and protesters since the military coup in 2013