Press Review 29th August – 5 September


Mediterranean youngsters address the issue of citizenship 1/09/2014 – Magharebia

The Euro-Mediterranean Forum ended on August 31st at Biougra, in Morocco. This one-week event was organized near Agadir and it brought together young people from the entire region. This meeting was intended primarily to develop new practices for the citizenship and to promote cultural dialogue in Euro-Mediterranean countries.


Why Violent News Images Matter – 2/09/2014 Time

A recent slew of situations resulting in catastrophic violence and death, including the Israel-Gaza war, the armed expansion of the Islamic State, the downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane in the Ukraine, the ongoing conflict in Syria, and also the spread of the Ebola virus, has led to a renewed debate as to what kinds of imagery media outlets should be expected to show.


ISIS’ Antiquities Sidelines – 2/09/2014 – New York Times

The territorial gains made by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have provoked fears — as well as tentative news reports — that archaeological sites in those countries are being attacked and looted, much as sites in Iraq were at the outset of the second Iraq war.


Iraqi intellectuals start campaigns to end bloodshed – 3/09/2014 – Al Monitor

Security instability and the increasing number of terror victims in Iraq have pushed Iraqi intellectuals to take on new and unfamiliar roles. They have entered the political scene by organizing campaigns, cultural and social events to promote several objectives, gaining the support of citizens all over Iraq. Within a few months, the Iraqi public had started participating in these protests and marches, and sharing their activities over social media. The campaign organizers believe that their work gives hope to Iraqis by making the world aware of what they have been going through.

The end of the freedom in Egypt? – 4/09/2014 – MO*Magazine

Last Tuesday the deadline which obliged Egyptian NGOs to register under the current NGO law expired. The deadline was extended in extremis, but human rights organizations are still worried and sound the alarm bell about a new bill that would be even more repressive. Meanwhile the European Union keeps searching for a consistent position toward Egypt. MO* talked with embassies, NGOs and experts.


© ZEIN AL-RIFAI/AFP/Getty Images. A Syrian woman and youths, one of them carrying a wounded baby, flee the site of a reported barrel-bomb attack by Syrian government forces in the northern city of Aleppo on June 26, 2014.