Press Review 5th – 12th September

Islamic banking draws new interest from the West – 7/09/2014 – Al Monitor

Western societies and institutions increasingly look to Islamic financial regulations in their desire to renew themselves. Islamic banking could provide an alternate financial model to market systems negatively impacted by the 2008 financial crisis.


Misrata militia take power in Libya  – 10/09/2014 – OrientXXI

In the Libyan turmoil, a new force stands out: ​​the ancient city of Misrata. His halo of martyrdom city of the Revolution, the courage of his brigades against Muammar Gaddafi and the interpersonal skills of its old merchant families, connected to  other Mediterranean countries, make it a dangerous rival of Tripoli, whose fighters hold sway since late August. Misrata has what it takes to become the de facto capital of Libya.


The European asylum system has collapsed – 10/09/2014 – Middle East Monitor

Thousands of Syrian refugees are risking their lives to enter Europe as asylum seekers, but what awaits them are a range of informal and inadequate procedures, some of which only have a veneer of humanitarianism. In some cases, refugees are literally »pushed back » over international borders and territorial waters.


The Islamic State or the Power of Images  – 10/09/2014 – L’Orient le jour

Little is still known about the Islamic State, which in a few months has emerged as the main terrorist threat in the Middle East. What it is well recognized is that the IS knows how to stage and its communication techniques seem perfectly controlled. The IS has an image of ultra violence that terrorizes the enemy as much as it attracts new recruits. To study and to understand their underlying strategy should help clarify some gray areas about the organization.

Palestine is too small for a marathon – 10/09/2014 – MO*Magazine

Five days after the end of the Israeli war against Gaza, Tel Aviv declared that it will annex 400 hectares land on the West Bank to build new settlements. That’s the biggest annexation of Palestinian land in thirty years. Berber Verpoest shows in his web documentary on the marathon of Bethlehem just how drastic the Israeli colonisation policy is: it was not possible to find an uninterrupted track of 42 kilometres. They finally had to run in circles anyway.



A Palestinian runner pushes a friend in a wheelchair along the Israeli separation wall dividing the West Bank town of Bethlehem during the second annual Palestine Marathon, April 11, 2014 (© Activestills.org)