Press Review 24th – 31st October

What’s the appeal of a caliphate? –  25/10/2014 – BBC Magazine

In June the leader of the group of the Islamic State declared the creation of a caliphate stretching across parts of Syria and Iraq – Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi named himself the caliph or leader. Edward Stourton examines the historical parallels and asks what is a caliphate, and what is its appeal.

Egyptian prisoners on hunger strike – 28/10/2014 – OrientXXI

Why do political prisoners continue a hunger strike in Egypt? First and foremost because their revolution was confiscated and according to them life « has so little value compared freedom that we can sacrifice it. » Portraits of some of these activists, whose trajectories are unique but who share the same desires for a State where the rule of law prevails.



 Mine explosion in Turkey

©EPA/Tolga Bozoglu | People mourn for their relatives after the mine explosion near Soma, Manisa province, Turkey, 14 May 2014


New mining disaster in Turkey was a matter of time – 28/10/2014 – Dewereldmorgen.be

After the fatal mining disaster on the 13th of May 2014 in the Turkish mine in Soma, the government promised to take measures. Almost more than half a year later the working conditions of the employees didn’t change and they fear a new disaster.

The Tunisian election result isn’t simply a victory for secularism over Islamism – 29/10/2014 – The Guardian

In a region wracked by extremism and civil war, the secularists’ victory will strike many as further proof that Tunisia is moving forward and is the sole bright spot in a gloomy region. But the battle between Nidaa Tounes and Ennahda is more complex than enlightened secularists versus backwards Islamists