Press Review 3rd – 10th October



Sweden recognize the « State of Palestine » – 10/06/2014 – MENA Post

On Friday, October 3rd 2014, Sweden, through its Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, made ​​a historic announcement, declaring that it would recognize the « State of Palestine ». This declaration coincides with the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. After having voted for the “observer status” of Palestine to the United Nations in 2012, Sweden confirms its support to the Palestinian people by promising an official state recognition, joining a majority of countries that have done so (112 according to the AFP and 134 according to the Palestinian Authority).

Archaeology as an excuse for the annexation in East-Jerusalem –  07/10/2014 – MO*Magazine 

Silwan, annexed East-Jerusalem, thursday 2 october. Majd Gaith, 23 years old, still can’t believe what happened two days ago. He shakes his head regularly, while he is trying to explain the situation on the field by means of a map. In the night of monday on tuesday, about ten Jewish colonists have settled in seven buildings, accompanied by policemen. ‘The neighbours already suspected that something was going to happen’, thus Majd.

Beirut fights corruption ‘poisoning’ the city –  5/10/2014 – Al Jazeera

Activists in the Lebanese capital are collecting reports of bribery in an effort to curb the practice. Around five percent of Lebanon’s gross domestic product (GDP) is lost to illicit outflows every year. Everything from avoiding traffic laws to getting government jobs and even securing political office can be bought and sold, according to a report by U4, an anti-corruption resource group based in Norway.
Lebanon ranks 127 out of 177 countries on Transparency International’s 2013 Corruptions Perceptions Index, with seven other Middle East and North Africa countries faring worse.

Why is Turkey unwilling to rescue Kobane? – 09/10/2014 – Le Monde

The organization of the Islamic State was on the verge of conquering the Kurdish town of Kobané, Syria, on Thursday 9th October. The jihadists attack in this border region of Turkey has forced around 300,000 people to flee Syria and more than 200,000 of them have taken refuge in Turkey. Ankara has massed the troops on the border. Its parliament voted, on October 2nd, some measures that would allow the government to intervene militarily in Iraq and Syria to fight against the Islamic state. Nevertheless, the Turkish forces still hesitant and do not bring relief to the Kurdish fighters who defend the city. Why?

Yemen is being reshaped by rebellion and intrigue – 9/10/2014 – The Guardian

As recently as last June, President Obama was recommending Yemen as a model of what can be achieved in the Middle East without troops on the ground. Last month, though, the Yemen model fell apart when rebels calling themselves The Supporters of God swept into the capital, Sana’a, seizing key positions and triggering a dissolution of the government.

©AP/Lefteris Pitarakis | A Turkish Kurd watches as airstrikes hit Kobane, inside Syria, at the Turkey-Syria border on October 8th 2014.

©AP/Lefteris Pitarakis | A Turkish Kurd watches as airstrikes hit Kobane, inside Syria, at the Turkey-Syria border on October 8th 2014.