Press Review 13th – 19th December

The Battlefield of Egyptian Universities – 16/12/2014 – OrientXXI

Since the beginning of October, Egyptian universities have become the favourite target of the government repression. With laws which have become the more and more strict, students can now be accused of terrorism and thus be tried by military courts. However, the demonstrations continue, while the division between supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi and students opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood make it difficult to unifie the opposition efforts.

EU Parliament Backs Palestinian State ‘in Principle’ – 17/12/2014 – The Guardian

Israel has been hammered by a series of diplomatic rebuffs across Europe after the European parliament voted overwhelmingly for qualified recognition of the Palestinian state. The vote on Wednesday came on the same day as a meeting of signatories to the Geneva conventions warned that Israel must respect international humanitarian law in the occupied Palestinian territories.

EU Court takes Hamas off Terrorist Organisations List – 17/12/2014 – BBC News

A top court of the European Union has annulled the bloc’s decision to keep the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas on a list of terrorist groups. The judges found the decision had been based not on an examination of Hamas’ actions, but on « factual imputations derived from the press and the internet ». It said a funding freeze on the group would continue for the time being.

Tunisia – Aziz Krichen : « Marzouki is the slave of his own consuming passion of power » – 17/12/2014 – Jeune Afrique

A few days before the second round of presidential elections scheduled on December 21, Krichen Aziz, former minister-counselor for political affairs of Moncef Marzouki, analyzes the recent changes in the Tunisian political scene. His opinion: « Tunisia needs serenity, not a situation of permanent squabble ». Interview.

Expanding defense budgets feed fears of Middle East arms race – 17/12/2014 – Al Monitor

A new report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) on arms-producing companies offers insight into the Middle East. According to this report Middle Eastern countries spent about $170 billion on defense in 2013 and military experts feel that, although the decline in oil prices could negatively affect their defense expenditures, the armament race in the Middle East is likely to continue at an increasing pace.

parlement europ

© SIPA | The Euopean Parliament backs the compromise motion on Palestine by 498 votes to 88 on December 17th