Press review 5th – 12th December

Germany struggles to cope with asylum surge – 9/12/2012 – BBC News

Germany receives more refugees and asylum seekers than any other EU country, especially from the Middle East. Numbers have risen sharply in recent years. The government estimates that up to 200,000 people will seek asylum in Germany this year. Financially, refugees are the responsibility of each German state, which must provide accommodation, food, medical care and clothing. While most people confirm they are willing to help, there is a sense that Germany is doing more than its fair share.


A record number of migrants have died in the Mediterranean in 2014 – 10/12/2014 – Le Figaro

There have never been so many travelers looking for a better future. According to the UN agency responsible for refugees (UNHCR), in 2014 the Mediterranean has become « the deadliest route in the world », with at least 3,419 migrants died trying to cross it since January. Since the beginning of the year, over 207,000 migrants have attempted to cross the Mediterranean, a figure almost three times higher than the previous record in 2011, when 70,000 migrants fled their countries during the Arab Spring.


Islamic State : “The main issue is in Damascus” – 10/12/2014 – Le Monde

Saudi Arabia participates alongside other arab countries in the American lead coalition against the so-called Islamic State (IS). Unlike Its aircrafts bomb Syria, the Monarchy does not take part in the Irak battle. Prince Turki AlFaysal was Head of the Saoudian intelligence service, as well as a Kingdom ambassador in London and Washington. Turki AlFaysal hereby comment on his country strategy regarding its struggle against IS, and Iran.


Tunisia remains in the crosshairs of the Libyan war – 11/12/2014 – alakhbar english

On Monday, December 8, Tunisian media reported that a special security unit arrested a Libyan leader from the Fajr Libya group which controls the capital Tripoli. The Interior Ministry did not deny the reports. The militia leader’s presence in Tunisia and his success in infiltrating the borders validate Tunisia’s concerns over the possibility that the militants – who are fighting the forces of General Khalifa Haftar in Libya – would enter the country. This concern is related particularly to the elements controlling the key border crossing of Ras Jdir, where Haftar’s forces have been engaged in bloody battles since the end of last week to liberate it from outlawed armed groups, as they are referred to in “Operation Dignity” statements led by Haftar.


Attack on foreign workers in Saudi Arabia – 12/10/2014 – OrientXXI

For over a year, foreign workers who live illegally in Saudi Arabia are the target of a campaign that wants to force them to return home. With extreme brutality, the authorities have expelled hundreds of thousands of them. However, the departure of an immigrant does not automatically create a job for a Saudi and some sectors, such as construction, are already suffering from a shortage of labour force.