Press Review 12th – 19th January

Weakening of all the Syrian war actors ‒January 13th 2015- Orient XXI

Syria will fragment more and more in 2015. The country’s “somalisation” is bound to happen unless the international community keeps weakening all of its centres of power, and the opposition still cannot manage to unify. Such are the forecasts of Joshua Landis, one of the best Syria’s specialists

Morocco is the sick man of the Occidental Sahara ‒ January 14th 2015 ‒ Orient XXI

Since October 3rd 2014, a mysterious hacker unveils hundreds of documents. This flourishing literature available for every Net surfer confirms how the Occidental Sahara question is capital in the Moroccan political sphere. The priority given to this issue was claimed again in the November 6th 2014 king’s speech pronounced at the 39th anniversary of the “green march”.

What may Palestine’s membership to the International Criminal Court is to change : the hesitations of an unfair justice – January 16th 2015 ‒ Orient XXI

After several years of hesitation and the UN’s refusal to pass a resolution stating the end of the Israel-Palestine’s negotiations and the creation of an independant Palestinian state in a given 2 year period, president Mahmoud Abbas decided to ask for the membership of his country to International Criminal Court. But there is still some way to go before this institution judges Israeli’s heads.

Why French Law Treats Dieudonné and Charlie Hebdo Differently ‒ January 15th 2015 – The New Yorker

On the same day that the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo immediately sold out an initial run of five million copies of its latest issue—which featured a cover image of the prophet Muhammad—French police arrested the comedian and activist Dieudonné M’bala M’bala for writing on his Facebook page, “Je suis Charlie Coulibaly.”

Why Belgium should be worried by Al Qaeda in Yemen ‒ January 16th 2015 ‒ MO*

Belgium has now also enforced its terror alert after the anti-terror operations on ex-Syria fighters. Security, deradicalisation and the influence of the Islamic State are high on the political agenda. Meanwhile, the « resurrection » of Al Qaeda in Yemen should be on the priority list of the western governments.