Press Review February 13rd-20th

Jihad vs. Arab – February 15, – MO Magazine
The jihadists in Syria. Everybody writes about them, few actually know them. They compete with ideals at the heart of freedom, ideals which sparked the uprising. Their religious zeal has implications for all countries of the region. Montasser AlDe’emeh, a researcher at the University of Antwerp, is currently studying their theological motives and the strength of their political ideology. He considers three years Jihad vs. Arab Spring.
Rafale Egypt: Paris turns the page of the Arab Spring – February 16 – OrientXXI
The revolts that shook Egypt in 2011 showed that the country was not the vaunted model of stability. This was then especially shown by France. Four years after the departure of Hosni Mubarak and despite the return to dictatorship, relations between the two partners are improving again. They should be realized through the signing of a contract of weapons that will mark the first sale of the Rafale aircraft abroad. In Paris, the page of the « Arab Spring » is thus being turned.
New government, old financial crisis in Tunisia: Constrained by the INTERNATIONAL FINANCE ? – February 17- OrientXXI
Tunisia has a new government, which includes representatives of Ennahda to minor posts but still no money. Creditors, whether multilateral or private, do not donate and the new team does not have the easy task in completing its tasks. “The Tunisian Exception » is clearly not applicable to financiers.
The troubled history of the opposition in Syria KEY TO UNDERSTANDING – February 18 – OrientXXI
Four years after the Syrian uprising, the opposition has redrawn due to contradictory dynamics. The situation is further complicated from the time when the revolution turned into « crisis » into” Syrian issue “with regional and international dimensions. Syria then became the scene where conflicts are played open to all possibilities.
Turkey and US agree to train and arm Syrian rebels in fight against Isis -February 19 – The Guardian
Turkey and the United States signed an agreement on Thursday to train and arm Syrian rebels fighting the Islamic State group, said the US embassy in Ankara.
Organization of the Islamic State is shaking the Middle East borders: TOWARDS A NEW CUTTING THE REGION? February 20 – OrientXXI 
In Iraq, eight years of war and US occupation have generated, among other adverse impact on that we did not finished to measure, a upheaval in historical relations between Shiite and Sunni with a country created by the Sykes-Picot agreements in 1916. Two researchers, Myriam and Pierre Jean Benraad Luizard are attached itself to place the sudden emergence of Daech in the modern history of the region, and analyze how the organisation fits and distinguished itself. 
Chomsky: “US paved path for horror of Islamic State” – February 18 – De wereld morgen
In a recent interview with David Barsamian, Noam Chomsky, deepens the conversation regarding the emergence of fanatical organization Islamic State. Chomsky believes the movement was born out of the cruelty of the massive western attacks in the region in the last years. IS gains supports through Western allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait…