Press Review February 20th-27th

How Islamic State is expanding its empire of terror – February 21 – The Guardian – February 21 – The Guardian
Unlike the slow and the careful rise of Al-Qaida, Isis is extending its global reach far and fast- sometimes to groups with very different beliefs.

In Yemen , the invention of political sectarianism ; The spiral of the country burst – February 23 – Orient XXI

In recent years , Yemen has seen the development of a model applied to the political sectarianism that is anything but a legacy of the past. To get out of the disparate forces of the country must commit to a political vision that combines nationalism and citizenship, otherwise the country will remain divided .
How Turkish Troops entered Syria with ISIS and Kurdish Assistance ? – February 23 – Al Akhbar.

Turkish troops entered Syria, as part of a well-planned operation, to relocate the remains of Suleiman Shah. The “seamless” operation relied on alliances and understandings forged by Ankara with the Kurdish force in the region and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Today, Turkey chose a new location to bury the grandfather of the Ottoman empire’s founder Osman I, thus playing a more active part in the operations taking place in north Syria, particularly in matters regarding the Kurds and the Syrian Army.

Assyrian Christians crowdfund an army to reclaim homeland from ISIL – February 26 – Al Jazeera 

 At a covert training camp just north of Mosul, ten miles from the front lines with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the first wave of Assyrian Christian volunteers for the Nineveh Protection Unit (NPU) have just completed boot camp. Funded in part by an Assyrian-American telethon campaign and trained by a handful of freelance U.S. military veterans, around 500 men are set to deploy next week as part of an unorthodox — and unproven — project.
When the executioner of IS was still a good schoolboy – February 27 – De Morgen
Jihadi John, the IS warrior who appeared in several videos of IS beheadings, was identified yesterday as Mohammad Emwazi who comes from West London. DeDaily Mail published the first childhood pictures of the man today, in which he can be seen as a good schoolboy with an « angelic face » on the front page. A stark contrast to the ruthless terrorist who hides behind the black mask.