Press Review January 30th-February 6th

Hopes are fading away in Morocco. The king is still reigning and governing – February 3rd 2015 – Orient XXI

The Democratic regression- whether in matters of NGOs repression or press restraint – is still a daily reality despite the hopes aroused by the current 2011 Constitution promulgaton, and the Justice and Development Party’s (PJD) accession to government in Morocco.

Explosion, gunfire along Egypt-Gaza border; man dies in Alexandria bombing – February 3rd 2015 – The Washington Post
ISMAILIA, Egypt — Egyptian troops fired warning shots over the Sinai frontier into Gaza on Tuesday after a bomb exploded on Gaza territory near an Egyptian army convoy. Egyptian security sources blamed the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, which immediately denied the charge.Meanwhile in Alexandria, Egypt’s second-largest city, a man was killed in a bomb blast hours after two devices were discovered at Cairo’s airport and another went off in the center of the capital without casualties, other security sources said.The bombs in Alexandria and Cairo are part of a recent spike in small bombs being planted around Egypt. Many of the devices have been flash-bang grenades, designed to sow panic but cause minimal damage or casualties.
Syria, liberated Kobani, the Kurdish are unifying – February 5th 2015 – Courrier international

Ankara fears the Kurdish nationalists’ claims rise in the Middle-East, now that Kobani has been taken out of the hand of IS. “Kobani is free ! Next step’s freedom for Öcalan !” (PKK’s leader imprisonned in Turkey) thousands of Kurdish peopole chanted across Turkey, Iran and Syria, while this city on the border between Turkey and Syria had just been freed from IS fighters, after a bloody 133 day battle

Secret Dialogue Between Syrian Regime and Opposition in Beirut- February 5th 2015 – Al akhbar

Beirut has now joined the list of cities where meetings between the Syrian government and opposition have taken place. In an effort to find a political solution out of the Syrian predicament, the Norwegian government is sponsoring an intra-Syrian dialogue in Lebanon under the supervision of Reverend Dr. Riad Jarjour.

Jordan vows to step up assault against ISIL- February 5th 2015- Al Jazeera English
Jordan has pledged to step up its role in the international coalition fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), after the armed group killed a captured Jordanian pilot. King Abdullah II vowed on Wednesday that his country will take more retaliatory action.The execution by burning of airman prompted international condemnation and widespread anger in Jordan.

Hamas Urges its Lebanon and Syria Branches to Launch Attacks on Israel – February 5th 2015 – Al akhbar english

A senior Hamas leader called Wednesday for the Palestinian militant groups loyal to the Gaza-based resistance movement in refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria in order to attack Israeli-occupied territories.Mahmoud Zahar told reporters in the Gaza Strip that Lebanese and Syrian branches of the Brigades should launch attacks on Israel « to help us liberate Palestine.” Hamas has a significant political influence among Palestinians in Lebanon, especially in refugee camps where the resistance movement has an armed presence.

Syrian Refugees and Regional Security – February 5th 2015 – Carnegie endowment for international peace
Amid the ongoing war against the Islamic State (IS), the international community’s main objective has been curbing this emergent threat. But as funds are increasingly directed to battle IS, efforts to tackle the Syrian regional refugee crisis continue to be understaffed and underfunded (…) Only a concerted effort to tackle both the security and humanitarian challenges will contribute to long-term regional stability and curb the rise of extremist movements like the Islamic State.