Press Review March 20th- March 27th

 The re-election of Netanyahu has finally buried the « peace process » – 25 March – Orient XXI


Netanyahu’s new electoral success puts an end to the  » peace process » which opened in 1993 with the Oslo agreements. He commenced a crisis between Tel Aviv and Washington, although the United States claims it will continue to support Israel. The use of the UN becomes an option for the Palestinians.

Yemen in pieces – 25 March – Orient XXI 

The transition process that followed the « spring » of 2011 was a time in which the Yemen model came about. Worn at arms length by the UN, it is falling to pieces and has given way to a web of conflicts and feuds . Though the abovementioned horror is predictable, it is striking in its brutality. Faced with such illegibility, the international community has attempted to pin some grids with binary readings (North / South , Sunni / Shiite ) that may, as was the case in Libya, halt a further war in the country. Direct involvement by  Saudi Arabia may aggravate the situation. Iran-Saudi proxy war in Yemen explodes into region-wide crisis – 26 march – The Guardian

The Saudi-led military intervention has been strongly backed by the US, and other global powers may be drawn in as the crisis unfolds. Like a ticking timebomb left unattended for too long, Yemen’s undeclared civil war has suddenly exploded into a region-wide crisis that will have far-reaching, unpredictable international consequences, not least for Britain and the US.

UK and Iran confident of breaking deadlock on nuclear programme – 26 march – The Guardian

David Cameron and Hassan Rouhani agree this week’s Lausanne talks offer ‘historic opportunity’ to end long-running standoff. They have agreed that international negotiators in Switzerland have a “historic opportunity” in the next few days to put together a framework deal to resolve a long-running and dangerous standoff over Iran’s nuclear programme.

Turkish cartoonists convicted for insulting Erdogan – 27 march – Al Jazeera

A Turkish court has sentenced two cartoonists to 11 months and 20 days in jail for insulting President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.