Press review 10 – 17th April

Trial of Lebanese broadcaster charged with contempt of court opens in Hague – 13/4/2015 – The Guardian

A UN-backed court set up to investigate the assassination 10 years ago of the Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri has finally put defendants in the dock. Tellingly, however, they are not suspects accused of the crime, but journalists charged with contempt of court.

East Jerusalem: ‘The two-state solution is dead’ – 14/4/2015 – Al Jazeera

On March 30, Israel announced plans to build 143 new homes in Har Homa, one of several Jewish-only settlements located in East Jerusalem, between Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.

Yarmouk : Palestinian divisions facing the organization of the Islamic State – 14/04/2015 – Orient XXI

On April 1, 2015, the organization of the Islamic State entered the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk in Syria, with the help of Al- Jabhat Nosra, a group affiliated with Al Qaeda. His forces are now only eight kilometers from the center of Damascus, while Palestinian political parties are divided on what to do.

The award-winning bridge connecting Iranians – 16/4/2015 – Al Jazeera

Project dubbed as ‘the third symbol of Tehran’ earns international recognition for architect Leila Araghian. On Tuesday, it picked its first international recognition, winning a 2015 A Popular Choice prize in highways and bridges category, from a New York-based architectural organisation, Architizer. A panel of international jurors also nominated it as one of the top five finalists in architecture and engineering category. 

 Report: Children killed in shelling of Damascus suburbs – 16/4/2015 – Al Jazeera

At least 10 people have been killed according to a monitoring network after Syrian government forces shelled the southeastern suburbs of Damascus, an area that has come under intensive assault by regime jets and artillery in recent days.